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Lip Injections can create the plump and beautifully shaped lips that patients in the South Bay, Torrance, CA area desire. At Signature Med Spa by Su Sachar, MD, Dr. Sachar and her team of skilled aesthetic specialists can help patients achieve the look they want with safe and painless treatments.

Lip Injections Q & A

What Dermal Fillers Are Used in Lip Enhancement?

There are several different dermal fillers used for lip enhancement today. These include Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Restylane, and Restylane Silk. The individual’s choice of filler will depend on several factors including desired longevity, desired type of correction, and specific part of the lips being treated. The fillers offered at Signature Med Spa by Su Sachar MD are optimal for natural, sexy results.

How Does Lip Enhancement Work?

Lip enhancement is different for every patient. Whether a person is simply looking to flesh out flat lips or they want the super-plump pout look, lip enhancement can be customized for the individual. While many people think of lip enhancement as simply being injections that make the lips bigger, that is only one thing that the doctor can do. Lips can be reshaped as well as resized. Patients will be given a menu of available looks to help them determine exactly what they are looking for. Once the patient has decided what type of look that they want, the doctor will precisely inject the dermal filler into the lip border and the lips themselves. Patients will not be in pain during the lip injection process because all dermal fillers used at Signature Med Spa by Su Sachar MD have lidocaine built into the formula. This means the lips will be totally numb during the procedure and for a few hours afterwards.

How Long Does Lip Enhancement With Dermal Fillers Last?

Longevity depends on the person and on the specific dermal filler used for the lip enhancement. Most people enjoy around 6 months of correction. However, this can be extended if a patient returns for lip enhancement on a regular basis. The life of the product can be extended and it may be possible to have lip enhancement less frequently once the product has become well established in the body.

lip injections los angeles

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